That was so great. It seems like the perfect thing to do to get away and be carefree. It was very relaxing yet very fun. Thank you so much for making my 21st birthday so memorable! – Jessica Mace

Ohh yeah! What an experience- soaring like the hawk! Thanks for the learning experience! – Neil Kaufmann, Bozeman MT

Dan is the man! What a wonderful experience! He makes you feel safe and comfortable so you can just enjoy the ride – P. Strong

Wow, bird’s eye view killer views, marvelous feeling! Birdman up in the air! What an experience-unbeatable!! The wind consistency was awesome!!! I have flown in planes before but the wind, the air, and the feel… heavenly experiences I’ll always cherish!!! – Jeremy R. Butterfield

I did not age a bit. Thought I’d be petrified even though I have flown many times in small aircrafts & commercially… but this was by far the most awesome, incredible, once in a lifetime, memorable experience I’ve ever had. All fears rapidly evaporated once in the air as we glided along on the wind. Winds were quite stiff on the ground but smooth as silk up in the blue. Scenery was spectacular! Dan was the best! I’d recommend this to anyone! Can’t wait to do it again. …glad everyone talked me into doing it! – Dale R. Butterfield: Age 63 ½

This was the most amazing experience I’ve had by far ! My question is, when can we go again? Thank you so much for making my vacation one of the best. P.S. Make a wish every time you pass through the clouds – Shae-Lynn Mathers, Toronto, Canada

All I can say is thanks for the flight to heaven, truly amazing, a lifetime experience! Kodak Moment! Much gratitude – Tavni


Fantastic experience, had a great flight down, loved the eagle that flew beside us, blew me away. – Brendon/ Aussie

This was THE MOST off the hook incredible thing I have ever done in my life. Scratch one more event off my “Bucket–list”! – Susan Carey, N.Y.P.D Detective USA

I waited for many years for an opportunity to try Hang Gliding and it was worth the wait! It was everything that I expected and much more!! I would recommend this to all my friends and others. One of the top “1000 Things” to do in your life time. – Gary Carey, Naples Florida

So much fun! Felt like a bird… really unforgettable experience – Lauren Shneer, Canada

Man that was crazy! I’m so not doing that again, these guys are nuts… Don’t trust them.. Nah.. it was good, Cheers – Mike

I can’t believe it.. I just ran down a cliff, but what an amazing experience, it was so relaxing when flying, would definitely go again! Many thanks – Nic, UK

Wow! Amazing time! Premium experience! Ultimate views! Undeniably “Wicked”! Brilliant guides! Thanks for helping us check off another life goal. – Kelly and Jessica, Colorado

Dan, thanks so much for the scenic and safe flight, we really enjoyed it! This is a good recommendation for others! It really felt like flying! – Dennis and Elisabeth, Netherlands

Just amazing, not sure there are words to describe the feeling of flying, possibly the funnest (I know this is not a word, but hey…) experiences of our lives, Can’t stop smiling! Thanks, eh! – Mike Tintinglia and Kristina Koral

A week after my birthday, I was born again… hanging next to Dan, leaving the gravity of the earth behind was a moment I will long hold onto. Thank you most deeply. – Billy F.

LOVED IT – Joelle Sanman

GET SOME!! You can’t get this high unless you have a glider with you. The most awesome feeling of flight. If you ever wanted to fly in your life, this is the way to do it. Peter Pan Status – Calder

I have had dreams of flying. Thanks for fulfilling a dream! Amazing! – Don Kimball

So much fun! Soaring around was simply spectacular! I can’t imagine a better way to fly. Thanks so much for the amazing flight. It was something I will never forget for the rest of my life! So great! -Britta Washburn

Eagles Nest Hang Gliding